Filming in the Heat

August 3, 2018



I have just finished editing a film I shot last week. I spent the afternoon on one of the hottest days this year at an event hosted by BEB Consultancy, celebrating their 10th anniversary. In order to capture the friendly and relaxed atmosphere, I used a mixture of shots. A wide establishing shot and tighter shots of guests to show their expressions.


It was an informal event, so I enjoyed the freedom of mingling with guests to capture the best shots. There were no major challenges on the day, but the party was in a shaded spot, with a strong sunlight all around. My camera's dynamic range is pretty good, but I still had to be careful not to shoot too much from the inside to the outside.


In order to manoeuvre between the guests easily without bringing too much attention to myself, I kept my arsenal of equipment light. I used two lenses, 16-35 mm for the few wide shots and 24-105 mm for the rest of the time. This lens is super flexible because of its useful range. It goes from fairly wide to medium telephoto. I used the 16-35 mm on the tripod with a fluid head to allow me to do a quick tilt shot. I had the 24-105 mm on the monopod the entire time. I wish I could have used it hand held, but the optical stabilisation is not that great. The monopod works very well, it’s got a small footprint and it extends right up to my eye line (and more) which is often difficult with tripods.


If there was one thing I would do next time, I would use a gimbal to include some walk-through shots. However I am not sure that would have worked on this event, as the space was a bit tight.


Overall, I am really pleased with the finished film, if you want to check it out, have a look at ‘Our Work’ section.


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