Making of an Artist's Video

August 10, 2018


Earlier this year we were asked to make a film for the artist and entrepreneur Sara Penrose. In this blog we will look at how we approached the making of the film.


Sara is a landscape artist with a background in engineering and she wanted both of these elements to be reflected in the finished film. As well as oil paintings Sara produces gifts and delivers art workshops. In addition to the above, the brief was to incorporate her interest in her place of work, Northamptonshire.



In order to deliver a film Sara would be happy with we met with her on a number of occasions. These pre-production meetings were used to gather information and discuss concept ideas. We decided upon a short documentary style film about Sara, her influences and her style of work.


Sara provided us with a script which described her working ethos. Out of this script themes began to emerge about what is important to Sara and what goes into her artwork. Two main themes were ‘structure’ and ‘the journey’. We took these two themes and used them as a framework for the film’s concept.


Sara’s paintings are vibrant and full of texture, giving them a 3D quality. In order to emulate this, we decided to shoot the locations that Sara has painted, therefore bringing the artwork to life. We followed Sara’s personal journey into her working processes; from sourcing a location to sketching and painting. This narrative gave the film the structure and journey theme we wanted. Finally, we weaved animated sequences throughout the film to incorporate the other elements of her business and to give the film energy and pace.


The finished film is a juxtaposition of Sara’s bellowed architecture and rolling landscapes, art and science.   


Click at the image below to go to Our Work page to see the film.



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