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August 18, 2018




Today’s blog visits the archives of one of our early films. Raise Your Glass Films director Michal started his videography career experimenting with different techniques. One of these films, titled ‘LanguageSkills’, enjoyed success at the Winchester Film Festival in 2015.


This animated film is made using stop motion technique where every frame of the video is taken by a DSLR camera (stills). Each individual still is played in sequence to create moving images. This requires a LOT of still images. For every second of this film, eight stills were taken.



The title is a play on words, it has a dual meaning. The power of language is the concept behind this video. Those with ‘language skills’ can use words to uplift and motivate people, but they can also use them to manipulate and dominate.




To visualize this concept, we used a mixture of real objects, such as books, as well as clay characters. We chose to use real books, rather then clay, to emphasise that this is a real-world problem.

The sparse music was also created by Michal and his ukulele. It heightens the sense of isolation and foreboding.



Although this film appears to be very different from the commercial work we are producing today, our early animation possesses some traits we continue to use. Such as bespoke music, sense of humour, originality and a visceral and approach.


If you want to see ‘LanguageSkills’, scroll below and if you would like to see more of our earlier work, please visit Michal’s YouTube channel.







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