August 26, 2018


Once a concept for a film has been agreed, a lot of work goes into the shoot preparation. This blog explains what we do in pre-production and hope to demystify the process.


The company One Call tasked us with creating a short series of films that demonstrates how their telephone product works in real life situations.

We had access to the care home for one day only, so preparation was extremely important to ensure the job could be done within budget.



The first thing we did was break down each scenario into the following components: scenes, locations, characters, props and shots. This allowed us to allocate a time for each scene. If we were going to get through all the scenes, we had to stick to the schedule. We used the list of characters to determine how many actors we required and what gender/age etc.


As part of the pre-shoot planning it was essential that we were able to visit the care home and scope the joint for suitable space for shooting. The location and prop list we had pre-prepared made it possible to make these decisions. While we were there, we also went outside to scout for suitable outdoor locations.



The film location was an active care home with residents and employees on the premises while we were shooting. We ensured that any person who appeared in the film had signed a release form giving permission for their image to be used.


Finally, with everything confirmed we ensured schedule was sent to everyone involved; the production team, the actors and the staff at the care home. As there were no local shops nearby, we made sure there was enough snacks for everyone.


Click below to see one of the four films about One Call.






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