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October 28, 2018




In this blog I’ll share with you some advice on how to get started creating your own vlog style videos.


Any video, film or vlog consists of 3 components; camera, lighting and audio. Your first priority should be audio, lighting comes next and the camera is actually last. This might be surprising to you, but audio is always number one. Viewers will forgive you a ‘bad’ image and poor lighting, but they won’t forgive you bad audio and they will quickly switch off. Let me give you an example; have you heard of the film called Cloverfield, about alien invasion? It was filmed using a handheld camera, which gives you a shaky image. Of course, that was intentional. But the audio was top notch. Very quickly, you can get used to the image because the audio will carry you through.


Essential Equipment:


A lapel mic gives you much better audio than what an in-camera microphone or your phone has. There are a few different types of lapel mics, this is the one that we use [Rode SmartLav+ ]. It can connect directly to your phone, or with [Rode SC3 ] adapter you can plug it straight to a camera. You will benefit from an extension lead [Rode VC1] as well.



A lapel mic will record your voice more clearly than surrounding noises; as opposed to the in-phone/in-camera mic which records everything equally. However, you should still make sure that you are in quiet surroundings if possible. Traffic, crying kids and noisy neighbors etc. can be very distracting. Always clip the mic close to your mouth, when filming a vlog it’s ok if its showing. If you're filming outdoors, and it's a bit windy, you need to put the fluffy cover (mini fur windshield ) to protect the mic from wind.


Wireless audio system will give you more freedom, you won’t be attached to the camera by a wire, but they are more expensive.


That’s it for this week. In next week’s blog we’ll talk about cameras, phones and some pro tips on how to use them.


(Clicking on the images will take you to YouTube, if you'd like to watch the videos)


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