Start Creating Your Own Vlogs, Part 2: Cameras

November 2, 2018

This is part two in How to get started creating your own vlog style videos. Which camera is the best camera for vlogs?


It’s absolutely fine to use your mobile phone’s camera for vlogging. You could however spend some money on a DSLR or mirrorless camera for better image control and quality.

Sony A7S2 on the picture (We recently got the Sony A73, it's even better than the A7S2) 

 If you want to stop midway, there are some great ‘point and shoot’ cameras. Get one with a flip out screen, but try to look at the lens while recording, not on the screen. Your viewers will notice.

Sony DSCHX90


Phones are good if you want to rely on auto functions such as auto-focus and auto-exposure. However, if you want to have more control over your image, you really need a dedicated camera.


Pro Tips:


When using a camera phone it’s tempting to use the front facing camera because you can see yourself on the screen, but the quality is often nowhere near the same as the rear camera. Since you can’t see yourself take a test reel instead. Simply record yourself for a few seconds then look at what you have shot; when you're happy carry on recording.


Always hold your phone in the landscape position when recording,



if you don’t you will have massive black bars on both side of the video and the resulting image will be very thin.


Be mindful of what is behind you when shooting. If your background is a wall, where possible, leave some distance between your back and the wall. Trust us, it just looks better.


Try to position the camera at your eye level, or a bit higher pointing slightly down at your face. You can put it on a bookshelf or a tripod if you have one. Never have the camera looking up at you. You will look awful. Harsh, but true.


Tune in next week for the third part, where we’ll talk about lighting your video.


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