Start Creating Your Own Vlogs, Part 3: Lights

November 11, 2018

This blog is part three in How to get started creating your own vlog style videos. Today we’ll talk about the third component of making a vlog, lighting. You can read about the other two components in our previous blogs.


First of all, if you don’t want to invest in lights, you can always film using daylight.  You can use natural light coming through the window or just do it outside. But you will be limited by weather and of course, the time of the day.


Here is the range of lights that we use. They are all daylight balanced, have a good colour rendition (some lights can produce a nasty green tint) and we are happy with them.



This little light can be picked up cheaply on Amazon, if you get two it's even better, you can position one on each side of your face. It’s battery powered, or it can be run straight from the mains. There is no diffusion on this light, so it can create harsh shadows.


Neewer Photo Studio 176 LED


The next one is a larger light, we also purchased a soft box to soften the light. Again, it can run off batteries or mains.

Aputure HR672S

Aputure EZ Box Softbox




The last one is a bit different in style. It needs a large softbox to create a bigger and softer light source. This is our go to light for interviews, it’s almost like the light wraps around your face. This one only runs from the mains.






Good, sturdy light stand. We've got four of them.

PIXAPRO® 240cm PRO Air Cushioned Studio Light Stand



Never have a bright light source behind you, you need to face the window. Strong sun on a sunny day is not that great, because it can create harsh shadows. A cloudy day is better, as the light gets diffused by the clouds.

If you're using lights, have them positioned a bit higher pointing at your face in an angle (around 45%) and to the side of where you are sitting.


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