Start Creating Your Own Vlogs, Final Part: Delivery

November 17, 2018


This blog is the last part in How to get started creating your own vlog style videos.


It’s about delivery.


Unless you are a very confident speaker, it’s surprising how the most natural presenters become unnatural when a camera is pointing at them. This, like any other skill will improve with practice.


To get you started I recommend having an outline of what you’re going to say already prepared. I don’t suggest using a script if you don’t have a good memory. I say this because you might find you look like you are trying to remember the script rather than talking at ease. It’s absolutely fine to have a list of bullet points to hand to prompt you and keep you on topic. If you lack confidence, start short, make a 30sec vlog and see how you go. And if you can help it, try to avoid amming and arring. It’s ok to pause. 


It is possible to record your vlog as one continues video. Better prepared you are, it will make this more possible. But if you are more ‘stop and start’ kind of person, you might want to think about editing.


If you are seriously considering delivering regular content and need a bit of help to get of the ground, you might want to think about our Video content starter package. It’s affordable, we show you everything, including how to edit and we create your own channel trailer too.

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