Video Workshop

Are you interested in creating your own vlog-style videos for social media? Perhaps you have a YouTube channel or are thinking about posting video insights on LinkedIn? If so, this workshop will help you make the best of the equipment and surroundings to create more engaging videos.


How Does it Work?

The workshop is divided into two sessions. 

1. The Shoot

In the morning we'll look at:

  • lighting

  • audio

  • cameras 

  • and delivery

  • we'll also touch on how to choose your content


2. The Edit

In the afternoon, we'll share with you some free editing software and go through:

  • the basics of editing

  • how to add logos

  • add contact information

  • add music

You can pay for one session at £95 or attend both on the same day for £160 (saving of £30).

  • Started Dec 19, 2019


  • Started Dec 19, 2019


  • Started Dec 19, 2019


Northampton United Kingdom

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